Seeing the Music in Inert Objects


Letter A made of closepins

American Football

Just like the object shaped as an A, indie group American Football is simplistic in a good way as their personal, straight to the point approach to music is refreshing. Their self titled debut album reminds me of freshman year which was full of youth and discovery what I wanted to do for a career.


Sunglasses that look like the letter B


These glasses remind me of Beck’s signature look in which he wears a pair of shades similar to these. His experimental nature to play with sounds and instruments to his ever-growing catalogue is why he is a pioneer to the indie genre.


Bracelet that looks like the letter c

Cocteau Twins

Metallic, has everyday use and has the ability to glimmer are adjectives to describe the bracelet in the photo and Cocteau Twin’s lead singer Elizabeth Fraser’s powerful voice. Fraser’s unique Scottish twang and ability to hit any note possible helped make Cocteau Twins one of the most influential Dream Pop groups to date



Belts are essential another essential especially if you are having a gloomy day is House Music. Disclosure continues to set the bar extremely high with every project they produce as their sharp European vibes mixed with live instrumental gives their sound a syrupy metallic feel to it.


Warning sign that looks like an E

Earl Sweatshirt

Like the photo, Earl Sweatshirt is willing to take risks to make an album not the fans will like but he will like. Being his toughest critic and a gifted lyricist has helped the risky beat choice he chooses worth it. A Earl project will never sound the same which shows the transition from a member of Odd Future to one of the best storytellers in hip-hop.


Chip clips that make the shape of an F

Frank Ocean

The clips in the picture are colorful and have many uses for them which could also be said about Frank Ocean’s music. Frank is a once in a generation talent who like a painting takes a while to finish but when it is done it is a vivid masterpiece full of vibrant colors and layers. Everyone could use clip in their life just like everyone could use some Frank Ocean in their life.


Tape that looks like the letter G


Just like the tape shaped as a G, Damien Albarn’s Gorillaz project is multifaceted and has many purposes. Their interesting messages to global issues and way to integrate styles not usually seen in Alternative music makes Gorillaz one of the most interesting acts of the last decade.


Dresser that looks like the letter H


The H-shaped shelf serves a purpose and that is to store items on it without them being on the floor but its also a blank canvas. Blank canvas are everything indie band Homeshake dreams of as their DIY approach to their music shows their creativity and unique distortion of sound.


Door hinge that looks like the letter I


Door hinges and Alternative groundbreakers Interpol have something in common which is their work is essential to their field. They both are crucial to their respective craft and without them something can be unhinged. Interpol is one of the most steady groups in the last twenty years as they have constantly been putting out quality music and staying true to themselves.


Rusty pieve of grill that looks like a J

Joy Division

While the J shaped object is rusty meaning its older does not mean it has no use. A great example of older music that to this day has impact on the music landscape is UK group Joy Division. With one of a kind vocals from the late Ian Curtis and sound that could not be replicated, the group has inspired many great groups and artists that are popular in todays music.


Hedge clippers that look like the letter K

Kendrick Lamar

The K shaped hedge clippers look like they have been through it all but are still effective in doing its job. Same could be said about the best rapper of the last decade, Kendrick who grew up in Compton,California trying to break out of the world of gang violence and drugs to huge success. Kendrick continues to tell his Compton stories and his takes to political issues to universal acclaim.


Part of handicap sign that looks like the letter l

Lil Uzi Vert

The L taken from the handicap sign shows you cannot park in this area. Reckless and exciting artist Lil Uzi Vert would not listen to anything a sign would say because he does what he wants just like his song suggests. Vert is an exciting young star in the rap game but does not act or look like the other artists which is refreshing. He will sample anime or a Backstreet Boys song and turn it into a hit which is special.



Just like the fancy M on this container, MGMT is trying to bring the elegance and gothic vibes back to indie music. Once a fun, experimental indie group, MGMT in the last five years has established themselves with a darker Cure inspired sound that feels like something out of a The Addams family.


Snack that looks like the letter N


The colors on the veggie sticks standout just like Chicago female rapper NoName. She is changing the game with her casual look but infectious deep bars that shows she belongs in discussion for best lyricists male or female.


A light beam that is shape like an O


The light from the O is coming from the sky I sometimes feel like rap legends Outkast’s music has that same effect. Andre 3000 and Big Boi make up the best rap duo of all time as each of their albums to them to another step on their journey. From Atlanta to classic jazz and of course to Andre 3000 bringing out the nostalgia on The Love Below the duo has always felt above the curve when it comes to music making.


One earpod that looks like a P


When I look at the photo, I think of putting on EarPods at midnight doing work to the perfect late night music which to me is Portishead. The Trip-hop pioneers bring classic disk scratching, glitchy instrumentals and Beth Gibbons angelic voice together for some of the most impactful songs to listen to in the nighttime. While their input is only three albums over the last 25 years, their impact is limitless to so many artists.



When I think of the letter Q, the iconic band Queen immediately pops up. Just like the bold looking Q in the photo Queen was led by the boldest voice of his generation the late great Freddie Mercury. The group is transcendent in rise of rock/pop music with their catchy choruses and infectious instrumentals.



Radiohead in photos look simple just like the photo that shows an r shape bottle. However in their element Radiohead is so unique and creative in their approach to alternative music. They have the luxury of five incredible minds led by Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood to always make a product that will sound nothing like the last but yet have a big impact.



This cord shaped like an S for some reason had a lot of meaning to me maybe because it reminds me of a headphone cord. Sampha is a r&b crooner who puts so much meaning into all his music. He can make a song about his old piano and his brother when he was young into an emotional, gut wrenching story.


Toro y Moi

I had to get creative for this photo which reminded me of the creatvity Chaz Bundwick puts in his Toro y Moi Persona. Toro y Moi is an indie dream as the music Chaz makes gives you the feeling of floating on a cloud. He is another artist whose unique sound makes every project very refreshing to the ears.


Unknown Mortal Orchestra

This photo of the hook that looks like a u reminds me of the first time I heard Unknown Mortal Orchestra as the visual had a captain hook in it. The Australian based indie group takes pride in their distorted guitar riffs and multiple filters on the vocals as it give them a unique sound.


Vampire Weekend

The pair of shades in the photo gave me Ivy League vibes which indie group Vampire Weekend are the kings of their sound. All meeting at Columbia University, the group has transcended college radio and beyond as they are one of the most important indie groups of the decade. Ezra Koenig and Rostam have been the dynamic duo of indie songwriting like the Jordan and Pippen of the last decade.


Weyes Blood

Weyes Blood’s music makes the listener feel like this W which looks barely afloat. Her dreamy vocals help lead the interesting yet sad stories she seeks to tell.


The XX

The X in the photo is something we see at most houses with tile, The XX have a similar feel to this photo as they write music for people with feelings that most people feel but don’t know how to express.. Their dark melodic feel and vocals partnered with beat genius Jamie XX makes this group so impactful.



The photo reminds me of a Y with earbuds on and I picture it listening to some catchy dance music from Yaeji. The South Korean based Dj is all about creating an atmosphere where all you get to do is express yourself. Her music is always a staple in New York and Los Angeles clubs because of its catchy nature. .


Zack Villere

This straw is DIY just like Zack Villerie as I had to make the straw look like this from nothing just like he does the same with music. Using essentially a drum kit and GarageBand, Zack Villiere has led this new wave of do it yourself style of indie music essentially cutting out the labels. He has the power to release whenever and tour whenever a luxury most artists don’t have.